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At Phoenix, our residential crews work with owners and clients to help build a dream. Our clients happiness and safety is our priority. We strive daily to maintain expert level craftsmanship which translates to elated homeowners.



Our history of providing timely and quality service in commercial, residential and manufacturing continues to afford steady growth. We understand client demand and exceed expectations by minimizing downtime.



As in the past we work with owners and architects to help design a complete commercial holding as well as renovate existing space for new tenant occupancy. We have decades of experience managing multi-division projects on all scales. 

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Phoenix GeoSolutions, LLC

Red Lion, Pennsylvania, United States

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Testimonials of character and professionalism


Francois Erceau - International Biz Dvt.

"I worked with Chad as a business partner distributing Ashtech products. He is the kind of sales person you would really like on your team. Chad will find out the appropriate solutions and workarounds to eventually get the expected result delivered to the company he works for. I enjoyed benefitting from his dedication and sense of commitment."


L. Bradley Foltz - PennDOT

"Full of facts regarding survey equipment purchases."


Mike Cyr - PLS Northern Maine Surveyors

"Chad is a true professional. When Chad says he will provide-consider it done. His expertise and advice regarding complex, expensive, technical equipment has steered me in the right direction."